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Police Are Still Searching For Missing Canadian Mother And Daughter In Suspected Double-Homicide Case

Jasmine Lovett and Aliyah Sanderson remain missing in potential homicide case.
Police Are Still Searching For Missing Canadian Mother And Daughter In Suspected Double-Homicide Case

Over two weeks ago, a Calgary mother and daughter went missing and police continue to search for Jasmine Lovett and Aliyah Sanderson

Only 45 minutes ago on Monday, April 29, Calgary Police Service posted an update on Facebook regarding the disappearance of Calgary residents Jasmine Lovett and her daughter, Aliyah Sanderson who is only 22 months old. The two were last seen on Tuesday, April 16, 2019. Now, almost two weeks have passed and locals and their family are growing more concerned about their unknown whereabouts. Police are concerned that Lovett and Sanderson may have been murdered in a double-homicide.

Calgary Police have been searching the area for any evidence of Lovett and Sanderson but the snowy weather has halted the search over the weekend. During their update on Monday morning, police revealed that a suspicious fire may have burned evidence relating to a possible double homicide.

On Tuesday, April 16, Aliyah Sanderson and Jasmine Lovett were last seen and were reported missing almost a week later after they didn't arrive for a family dinner. Two days after April 16, police confirmed activity on Lovett's financial accounts but there have been no signs on life since. Monday, April 29 marks the sixth day of the investigation into their disappearance by local police.

Lovett is described as being in her mid-20s, 5'4" tall, slim with brown hair and brown eyes.  Sanderson is described as almost 2-years-old, approximately 3' tall, slim with brown hair and brown eyes.

Police have confirmed that a search was being conducted in the Bragg Creek and Kananaskis area but it was paused due to "significant snowfall in the area".

They're warning local residents not to search the area themselves as they may unknowingly harm evidence beneath the snow. 

Calgary Police Service stated that they believe the suspect may have attempted to destroy evidence relating to a potential double homicide sometime between April 16 and April 20, 2019 around Bragg Creek, Elbow Falls, Priddis and/or East Kananaskis. 

If you have any information or knowledge of a suspicious fire in an unusual area, you should contact Calgary Police right away.

Police are also asking witnesses to come forward that may have seen a Caucasian man in his mid-30s driving a grey Mercedes SUV around the same noted areas between April 16 and April 20, 2019. 

If you have any information on any fires in the area or the grey Mercedes SUV, you can contact the non-emergency line at 403-266-1234 or the Homicide Tip Line at 403-428-8877.

You can also leave an anonymous tip by calling Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or leave a message at this link.

According to Global News, Calgary police had a "primary suspect" in custody last week but he was released on April 26. They confirm that the suspect was taken into custody, questioned and released on Friday. No charges were laid against the unnamed suspect.

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