Valentine's Day is an entire holiday dedicated to letting your loved ones know how much you care about them. On Friday, February 14, the Calgary Police Service is celebrating Valentine’s Day by releasing online valentines for some of their most wanted criminals in hopes of catching some fugitives. The heart-shaped cards are funny and productive all at the same time.

Everyone everywhere is sending their loved ones Valentine’s Day cards today and the Calgary Police are no exception. 

The police in the city have sent out several Valentines for some of the region's most sought after men.

These missed connections are no secret admirers to the police and are quite well known amongst the department. In fact, they are some of the city's most wanted criminals. 

The valentines are so cringy and honestly, too funny not to share with the public. Not to mention, it will hopefully help the police find their guys.

The homemade cards have been released on Twitter where you can see them in all their bright pink and red glory. 

“To celebrate this day of love, we’ve created some extra special #valentines for a few individuals that we miss dearly,” writes the tweet. 

The first Valentine states that Jason Zurwerra is the missed connection. 

According to the beautifully crafted love note, the troubled loved one is wanted on four warrants for breaching probation.

Sounds like the department picked a good one!

The police even included a handy description of the man in case anyone sees him.

Apparently, this missed connection is 38-years-old, 5’6” tall with a medium build. He has short brown hair, brown facial hair, blue eyes and a tattoo on his left arm. 

The card made especially for Zurwerra even has a special invitation for "Netflix and cell." We wonder what he’ll say!

Everyone online is loving this valentine and the comments are hilarious. 

One person said that "nothing says love like the inside of a cell.”

Several others are poking fun at the handcuffs he will be in, asking the police if they will be fuzzy. 

But apparently the Calgary police aren’t putting all their love eggs in one basket. 

A second Valentine has been released that states “our hearts are on duty for you, Gatine.”

Gatine Applegarth is also a wanted man who has 17 warrants for failing to comply with probation, possessing stolen property, theft, and failing to appear in court. 

This one seems tough but when you’re a star crossed lover like the Calgary police, there is no challenge too big.

The 25-year-old is 6’2” with a slim build and short black hair with brown eyes. He has a tattoo on his left forearm and a scar on his abdomen. 

Much like the other Valentine, the card is accompanied by a candy heart with the words “true crime” written on it. How romantic. 

Anyone who sees these valentines is encouraged to contact the police or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. 

The Calgary Police aren’t the only police department and with a sense of humour. 

During April fools day, RCMP announced that there would be a cat police service. Everyone was very disappointed when they found out this was not true. 

Local police forces have had to deal with some surprising antics recently. From getting brutally screamed at to answering absolutely ridiculous 911 calls, their jobs can be quite stressful. So releasing some lighthearted valentines is a nice change!