Calgary residents opened their doors to a shocking notice this week. One such Reddit user found a pink flyer on their doorstep, warning in bold letters "The Purge Is Coming." The notice listed the date of Saturday, February 22 and provided a website address for what they called a "purge party." We followed the link and found that this Calgary purge party is none other than YYC Junk's campaign to help declutter peoples' homes. 

That's right, you have the option of purging your entire home of unnecessary clutter. So, it's not exactly the terrifying type of purge we've seen on The Purge movies.

Spring cleaning has always been a horror show for us, but these letters take to the next level. 

YYC Junk's website details how this process works.

Rather than making one-off house calls that are both expensive and oftentimes inconvenient, they serve an entire area at once. 

YYC Junk is making sure you never have to be stressed by the clutter in your home, and now you and your neighbours can celebrate the purge together. 

If you register for a Purge date, the prices come down $25 per cubic yard, which, as they explain, is the size of a "washing machine" or a "queen-sized mattress."

from Calgary

Marie Kondo must be seething in jealousy over this company's quick and fun initiative to make your homes feel more organized.

YYC Junk is proud of the fact that no junk is too small or insignificant for them. 

Whether you have hot water tanks, couches, electronics, china cabinets, or rusty old mirrors that you just don't want anymore, you can say goodbye to them forever later this month. 

Calgary has had trouble in the past year with their recycling programs, yet YYC Junk is promising their potential customers they will help their junk items "end up where they belong."

Although we are a little bummed that we can't bring out our iconic Purge masks for the occasion, we're pleased to find out the flyers were cute, not creepy, after all.

If you want to join the purge party and get rid of all that junk, you can book the service online or call them.