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You Can Hunt Down A Serial Killer In This Terrifying Escape Room In Calgary

Find the clues, stop a murderer! 🔍
You Can Hunt Down A Serial Killer In This Terrifying Escape Room In Calgary

Escape rooms are a killer way to spend time with your friends and challenge yourself. There's nothing like the adrenaline rush you get from finding and piecing together clues to solve the puzzle! This Calgary serial killer escape room is one of the most fun that you'll ever try and it might be the best escape room in Canada.

The Jack The Ripper room is only available at the Calgary location of Trapped. Perfect for groups of four to eight, this intense room lasts for 1 hour. Imagine hunting a killer through the dark back streets of London in the late 1800s! This escape room is a wild adventure where you play a homicide detective looking to bring London's most notorious serial killer to justice.

In the Jack The Ripper room, you'll be a homicide detective on the case to solve the mystery of five sex workers who were found murdered and mutilated. You'll be transported back in time to try and catch the murderer yourself and bring him to justice! Fans of CSI and Sherlock Holmes are going to love this intense escape room.

There are a ton of other themed-rooms that you can try once you've caught your killer in the Jack The Ripper room! Ancient Pyramid, Medieval Prison and even a Death Note-themed room await puzzle solvers and code breakers. Each room at Trapped is suitable for beginners. That said, only about 1 out of every 20 groups successfully complete the rooms!

Heading to an escape room with your friends is so much more exciting than going out for dinner and drinks. You'll get to spend quality time together and really figure out your strengths and how you work well together! Anyone who loves serial killer stuff, history and escape rooms will love this Jack The Ripper themed room. 

Trapped Escape Rooms

Price: $28 per player

Address: Locations across Canada, Calgary location at 1139 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, T2N 3P4

Why you need to go: Their Jack The Ripper room takes you back in time to 1800s London to catch the notorious serial killer.


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