There is no stopping the '90s nostalgia train and it's coming in hot in Calgary! This fall, there will be a never-before-seen Calgary Spice Girls Brunch that will have all the catchy hits from the UK pop girl-power group stuck in your head on repeat. In a similar vein to the viral Disney-inspired Magical Brunch and even the Harry Potter-inspired brunches, this event is going to be an immersive experience perfect for people who want to relive the '90s. 

Anyone who remembers playing Spice Girls with their friends, buying their CDs with their allowance from HMV, or maybe even rewatching SPICE WORLD on VHS is going to want to check this event out. Brunch will include a buffet, Spice Girls trivia and karaoke! Bring your BFFs and relive the '90s dancing, singing and lip-synching along to the best Spice Girls songs. You'll be surprised at how many lyrics you remember after all these years!

This girl-power brunch is the perfect place to execute your killer '90s look. Think platform shoes, all-over animal prints, union-jack unitards and crop tops. Whether you want to go all-out glam like Posh Spice or channel your inner-angel as Baby Spice — this is going to be way more fun than your average Halloween costume party.

There will be prizes for the best karaoke performance and best dressed. You'll get more points if you assemble an on-point spice girls crew so make sure no one is fighting over who gets to be Sporty Spice and get your crew together. And bonus points if you and your whole crew make up a perfect spice girls crew.

Right now, details are really limited but we know that it's a pop-up happening in Calgary this November. To find out more and be the first to sign up for pre-sale tickets, you can register on their website. 

Spice Girls Brunch

Price: TBD

When: November 2019

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Why you need to go: Relive the '90s at this epic Spice Girls brunch and karaoke dress-up party!