AccuWeather Canada released its weather forecast for the upcoming spring and Albertans can breathe a sigh of relief. The Calgary spring forecast predicts a dry and mild period in the spring for the most part. Though, the weather forecasting company does state that the dryness could lead to drought concerns for much of the Canadian Prairies, which include Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. And the best news of all: the likelihood of another brutal cold spell is minimal. 

When you've been through the cold snaps and the snow squalls in Alberta this winter, it is a huge relief to know that we might not have to suffer again until next year.

Let the spring festivities commence. 

AccuWeather also details how the rest of the country will fare this spring in terms of the temperatures and climate conditions.

It turns out it could be quite a wet one, with Ontario and Quebec expecting to receive a lot of rainfall, leading to increasing flood dangers. 

However, we should be looking out for drought signs, as the "pockets of abnormally dry conditions" that emerged in Late January may very well return this spring, according to AccuWeather.

This means it's time to stock up on moisturizer in the coming months. 

Being so close to the Canadian Rockies, we should also be glad that the winter storms that plagued the region in the past few months are set to take a break, at least for a little while anyway. 

AccuWeather's report says, "The dominant storm track is expected to shift northward in the coming weeks with the bulk of the rain and snow forecast to fall over northern British Columbia and the northern extent of the Canadian Rockies."

So we suppose it's not too late, or too ridiculously cold, to break out the good old ski gear and take one last trip before you get lost into the warmth of summer. 

Though, there is always a catch. AccuWeather predicts that the melting of the snow at the Rockies could bring the "risk of river and stream flooding down into the lower elevations of Alberta and British Columbia." 

Despite the risks of flood and drought (of course, Alberta), there is plenty to be hopeful about this spring. So let's begin to plan out the spring calendar.