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40 Insane Foods You Can Get At The Calgary Stampede This Year

Deep-fried Ice Pops, Cotton Candy Mini Doughnuts, Flamin' Hot Cheetos Corndog, & more... !
40 Insane Foods You Can Get At The Calgary Stampede This Year

We can't help but get excited as the 2019 Calgary Stampede is just over a month away! Every year Calgary is a non-stop party for 10 days straight to enjoy the amazing rodeo events, concerts, and plenty of insane foods to try!

For some, one of the main reasons they go to the Calgary Stampede is to try all the food! Each year there is a diverse offering of innovative dishes you have never seen before. If you've been anticipating what the crazy food items will be available this year, the wait is finally over. The Calgary Stampede new midway foods for 2019 have been announced!

Some of the most insane foods you can get this year are bug covered bowls of ice cream, Harry Potter inspired butterbeer ice cream or chicken hearts on a stick! If you love pickles, you are in luck as there are tons of pickle items to try. There will be pickle ice cream from So Cute Ice Cream, pickle cotton candy from A Sweet Mind Candy Co., a dill pickle ice pop from Family Dough, and a deep-fried tortilla filled with a hot dog, Snickers bar and a pickle called The Snickle Dog from Big CoCo’s Corndogs!

The Calgary Stampede new midway foods for 2019:

Ice Cream & Ice Pops

  • Butter Beer Ice Cream - Summerland Soft Serve
  • Dill Pickle Ice Pop - Family Dough
  • Gold Ice Cream - The Praguery
  • Deep-fried Ice Pop - Family Freeze
  • Mochi Ice Cream - Monster Cones
  • Monster Bug Bowl - Monster Cones
  • Pickle Ice Cream - So Cute Ice Cream


  • Cereal Sugar Mini Doughnuts - Cin City Donuts
  • Chocolate Chip Doughnut - Family Dough
  • Cinnamon Bun Mini Doughnuts - Artisan Mini Donuts
  • Cotton Candy Mini Doughnuts - Mini O’s Mini Donuts
  • White Chocolate Cheesecake Mini Doughnuts - Mini Donut Factory


  • Beyond Meat Pizza - Avatara Pizza
  • Cherry Bomb Pizza - Pizza 73
  • Funnel Cake Pizza - Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cakes
  • Pizza Perogies - International Perogies


  • Italian Taco - Crazy Italian
  • Cotton Candy Taco - Candy Time
  • Smoked Turkey Taco - Twisted Mexican
  • Tipsy Tacos - Tikka N’ Tequila

Hot Dogs, Sausages & Burgers

  • King Spammy - Superfootlong Hot Dogs
  • Cheesy Ramen Dog - Street Dogs & Smash Burgers
  • Flamin' Hot Cheetos Corndog - Coco’s Corndog
  • Curry Wurst - The Bratwurst Haus
  • The Snickle Dog - Big CoCo’s Corndogs
  • Tokyo Street Dog - Superfootlong Hot Dogs
  • Veggie Corndog - Mr. Vegetable
  • Wild Boar Bacon Elk Burger - The Bratwurst Haus

Deep-Fried Foods

  • Deep-Fried Artichoke Hearts - Mr. Vegetable
  • Deep-fried Chicken Skins - Asian BBQ
  • Deep-fried Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake on a Stick - Granny’s Cheesecake
  • Deep-fried Twizzlers - Deep Fried Sweets Too!
  • Rainbow Oreos - Funnel Cake & Elephant Ears
  • Bacon Onion Rings on a Stick - Colossal Onion
  • The Hangover Cure Arepa - Arepa Boss


  • Octo Leg - Lobster Boilers
  • Octo Lolly - Lobster Boilers


  • Devils Ramen - Noodle Bar
  • Bucking Hot Perogies - Perogy Boyz
  • Flamin’ Frog Legs - The Happy Fish
  • Flamin’ Philly Cheesesteak -Subrageous Subs


  • Rose Lemonade - Family Squeezed Lemonade
  • Granny’s Apple Pie Smoothie - Smoothie Shoppe


  • Bacon Pancake Dipper - Stacks Bacon Pancake House
  • BBQ Chicken Hearts on a Stick - Asian BBQ
  • The Chana Tator Tots - Wiggle Chips
  • Churro Cone - I Love Churros
  • Garlic Parmesan Freakk Fries - Freakk Fries
  • Creamy Truffle Lobster Dumplings - Dumpling Hero
  • Pickle Cotton Candy - A Sweet Mind Candy Co.

Calgary Stampede

Where: 1410 Olympic Way SE, Calgary, Alberta

When: Jul 5 - 14, 2019

Why you need to go: To try all the crazy food!


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