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City Of Calgary Says Some TELUS Customers Can’t Call 911 Right Now

They suggest using a friend's phone or going to the station.

Social distancing isn't so bad in the 21st century. Most of us have got our phones, wifi, and Netflix to lean on. Though, on the morning of Wednesday, March 25 the City of Calgary announced that TELUS mobile customers were having trouble calling 911. According to city officials in Calgary, TELUS is working on the issue and hoping to get it fixed as soon as possible. 

The City of Calgary tweeted at 9:05 a.m. on Wednesday morning that they had received a number of reports about locals struggling to call 911.

They assured the public that this is not an issue with 911. They continued to give some alternative options for anyone experiencing emergencies that aren’t able to make that call.

They suggested that, should you need to call the emergency line, you can use a landline or “a neighbour or friend’s phone who uses a different provider.” Lastly, they recommended going to the “physical police, fire or EMS station nearby.”

In a follow-up comment to their own tweet, the City wrote: "We are working with @TELUS to solve this as quickly as possible."

The Calgary Police Service retweeted the announcement on Wednesday morning as well. 

At this time, borrowing phones from neighbours or physically visiting an emergency services station may not be in keeping with social distancing or self-isolation protocols for Albertans. 

Recently, the Alberta Police announced that they would be doing much of their policing over the phone.

They explained that residents will need to call the station and it will be decided over the phone if a physical meeting is appropriate or necessary. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has urged Canadians time and time again to stay home.

The social distancing measures, he explains, are to support health care workers at this time and stop the spread of COVID-19. 

As Calgary has declared a local state of emergency, the streets have drastically emptied out. 

While locals remain indoors, TELUS is working to solve the issue regarding 911 calls. 

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