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Calgarians Sound Off On Twitter About New Budget Cuts To Transit

The wait times at bus stops are excruciatingly long.
Calgarians Sound Off On Twitter About New Budget Cuts To Transit

If you're a regular user of the bus or Ctrain in the city, you may have noticed the Calgary Transit fall services changes that took effect on Tuesday. There are now reductions in many bus routes and C-train routes in the city causing longer wait times at bus stops and delays for commuters.

These changes were decided after the City Council made $60 million budget cuts and reduced funding for services such as Calgary Transit. 

Quarterly every year Calgary Transit reviews their service to make appropriate adjustments where needed, this year their task was to adjust to their new reduced budget.

"This year, we were asked to find savings in our budget for the remainder of 2019, so our review of routes and schedules included identifying ways that we could save while taking least-harm approach to our service levels," the website states. 

Wait times for the C-train's Blue line and Red line have been extended throughout the day and on weekends from 10 minutes to 15 a miniute wait. The busses in the city have also seen longer wait times between services throughout the day and some routes stop service altogether after 10 p.m.

Calgarians have taken to Twitter with their unhappy responses over the new transit schedule for the remainder of this year.

Some chose a more passive-aggressive approach dripping with heavy sarcasm to express their concerns with the transit service.

There was even some interesting graffiti that was captured by someone at a C-train Red line stop stating the funding for Calgary Transit only comes from tax payers and not government funding.

There have been tweets about crowding on transit stops, busses, and C-trains alike. Since the routes have been reduced more people are having to wait at stops.

According to the CBC, Mayor Naheed Nenshi is concerned about the future of transit as more budget and service cuts could be coming with the provincial government's fall budget. 

"If you cut transit too much, people are just going to stop using it and then you get into a death spiral," said Nenshi.

The mayor said the City Council will need to have more discussions about the future of public transportation in Calgary as the provincial budget will be released in a few weeks.

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