Other than sangria, one of the best flavours of summer is fresh local fruit! There's a Calgary u-pick berry farm that you have to check out because you can get the last taste of summer before it's all over. Right now, it's saskatoon berry time and soon it'll be time for sour cherries and black currants so make plans to head out to the farm this August.

The Saskatoon Farm is one of the most popular spots outside of Calgary to experience life on the farm. Whether you want to fill up a bucket with delicious berries, eat saskatoon berry pie or just spend an afternoon exploring and taking photos — you have to make it out here this month before summer ends!

What exactly is a saskatoon berry? They might look exactly like blueberries but they're different. Technically, they're closer to an apple than a blueberry and they grow on adorable little shrubs. They're delicious and high in antioxidants so you definitely don't want to miss out on saskatoon berry season. 

There is so much more to Saskatoon Farm than just berry fields. Their magical greenhouse is the perfect place to get content for your Instagram!

Plus, there's a cafe on the farm that serves up killer farm-fresh eats. You can spend all day here and it's an ideal escape from the city in the last days of summer. 

Make time this August to hit up The Saskatoon Farm for fresh berries and a sun-filled farm experience that'll make you feel like you've gotten the most out of the summer of 2019!

The Saskatoon Farm

Price: $2 for field access, buckets extra

Address: 80181 338 Ave. E. #20, Foothills No. 31, AB T1S 4S3

Why you need to go: Fill your bucket with farm-fresh saskatoon berries at this adorable spot just outside of Calgary to squeeze more fun out of the summer!