Calgary Officially Ranked The Third Best City In The World To Find A Job

Calgary has beat out other Canadian cities to take the third place for best cities to find a job.
Calgary Officially Ranked The Third Best City In The World To Find A Job

The best cities in the world to find a job have been released, and one Canadian city made it to the top of the list. Surprise, it's not Vancouver or Toronto, but Calgary that actually won third place out of all the cities in the world as the best place to land work.

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Movinga has released a report that ranks 100 cities from around the world based on their job opportunities. The study looked at several factors such as the economic strength of businesses, the standard of living and career opportunities for youth, women, and expats. Based on their research, Calgary made it into the top three.

Calgary was only behind Boston in the US and Munich, Germany in the rankings. In comparison, Toronto was 48th and Vancouver was 25th. Several other Canadian cities made the rankings, but none came close to Calgary. Ottawa-Gatineau ranked at 43rd, Quebec at 55th and Montreal at 57th.

Lately, Calgary is gaining widespread attention as an up and coming city. The city is expected to gain 1.3 million new residents in the next 50 years, which would double its current population, according to CBC News

Based on current projections, Calgary's population is set to grow by about 10,000 each year. More and more people are beginning to set their sights on Calgary as the less expensive and equally as desirable alternative to Canada's other major cities.

Another reason why people may be moving to Calgary is the current housing prices. Unlike Toronto and Vancouver, Calgary has significantly cheaper rent. According to data from PadMapper, the average monthly rent for a one bedroom unit in November 2018 in Calgary was $1,150 – which is almost half of Toronto and Vancouver's average monthly rent. 

The study from Movinga was titled "City Of Opportunities – The Best Cities To Find A Job". You can check out the full report on their website