Every once and a while, Mother Nature gives Calgary a little break and lets us see the sun and feel the warmth for a few glorious days. After a brutal cold snap this week, there's no better time than the present for a bit of a warmup. Luckily, Calgary weather next week will give us a bit of those spring vibes we've been missing for oh so long.

Before you get too excited, we're not talking tropical temperatures here. But, we are talking temperatures above zero and compared to what we've been through this week, it will feel like a tropical paradise in YYC.

According to The Weather Network, it is currently -29 C in Calgary with light snow. On top of the already horrifying number on the thermometer, it actually feels like -38 C today.

So, a little heat is most definitely in order. Tomorrow’s temperature is expected to be -25 C and Saturday's will be a tiny bit warmer at -20 C. By Sunday, you can expect a drastic increase that will land us at -6 C.

We know, it’s still in the negatives, but it’s a whole 14-degrees warmer than the previous day.

Then, by Monday we’ll be enjoying positive temperatures at 2 C and Tuesday will be 3 C. Tuesday will literally be over 30-degrees warmer than it is today.

Not only will it be a whole lot warmer, but it will also be pretty sunny. From tomorrow all the way until one week from today, you can expect to see the sun shining over the city.

Though there may be some clouds here and there, it’s nothing we can’t handle. 

As of right now, the city is under extreme weather warnings from Environment Canada and this has been the case for a number of days.

During the weather warnings, people have been advised that there are elevated health risks including frostbite and that “Extreme cold puts everyone at risk.”

Even if you normally enjoy winter, we can all agree that this sort of cold is the absolute worst.

The rest of Alberta was right along with us in the misery. In fact, Edmonton was one of the coldest places on earth earlier this week.

Though, that didn't stop locals from drinking beer on patios because, you know, it's Alberta.

We are so excited to welcome the warm back into YYC and forget what it feels like for our faces to hurt for a few days.

This cold has been almost unbearable but we got through it together, Calgary. Enjoy the warm, get outside, and be sure to do all the activities!