Canadian Woman Banned From Owning Pets After Reportedly Leaving Animals In Storage Locker To Die

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Canadian Woman Banned From Owning Pets After Reportedly Leaving Animals In Storage Locker To Die

A Canadian woman is facing penalties for her treatment of animals. A Calgary woman was charged and fined after leaving animals to die in a storage locker. The woman is also no longer allowed to own or care for pets for a number of years. According to the Calgary Human Society in a news release, Samantha Zychowski has been convicted and sentenced after leaving one dog and one cat in a storage locker.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for everyone. This article includes graphic images of animal abuse that could be very disturbing to readers. 

The fine will include a 15-year prohibition from owning or caring for animals as well as a $250 charge. The story is incredibly heartbreaking, but it has a happy ending.

These charges came after staff at a storage locker facility in Calgary reported hearing animal noises from inside a unit. According to the humane society, the staff called police and the Calgary Humane Society upon hearing distress calls from the animals. When officers arrived, the lock of the unit was cut and a dog was found.

A cat was also heard inside the unit. Upon investigation, the cat was located inside a plastic storage bin with its head duct taped. 

The animals were seized immediately and delivered to a veterinarian. The vet found both the animals to be in distress due to dehydration. The cat also suffered “corneal injuries” from the duct tape that was wrapped around its face.

[rebelmouse-image 25936128 photo_credit="Calgary Humane Society " expand=1 original_size="489x282"]

In the public statement issued by the Calgary Human Society, it was noted that the cat appeared to have struggled violently against the duct tape and the confinement of the storage bin for a lengthy period. 

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Brad Nichols, Senior Manager, Animal Cruelty Investigations stated that the intent of the duct tape was to keep the cat quiet. He also said that it is incredibly fortunate that the cat and dog were able to survive the incident given their circumstances. 

“The outright ban on owning, caring for or residing with animals for 15 years is significant. My hope is that Ms. Zychowski’s judgment improves significantly over that period,” said Nichols. 

Since posting about the incident on Facebook, a large number of people are outraged that this could happen. Some commenters are also concerned that a $250 fine and a 15-year ban is not enough, considering the state of the animals. 

[rebelmouse-image 25936131 photo_credit="Screen Grab | Calgary Humane Society " expand=1 original_size="469x77"]

[rebelmouse-image 25936132 photo_credit="Screen Grab | Calgary Humane Society" expand=1 original_size="487x193"]

Although a horrible situation, the story does at least have a happy ending. According to the humane society, both the cat and the dog have made a full recovery and are now in loving homes. 

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