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The Calgary Zoo's Turning Into An Outdoor Canadian Safari With Their New Reopening

We missed them & they missed us!
Calgary Zoo Is Reopening Next Week & It's Turning Into An Outdoor Safari Adventure

Animal-lovers can stop streaming live cams and see the real thing because the Calgary Zoo is reopening for the first time since the start of the pandemic. But this time, they're transforming into something completely different — an outdoor-only safari adventure. Long-time fans will get to experience something new and interesting on the new tour.

The zoo first closed on Monday, March 16. But as the province slowly reopens, it got the go-ahead from health officials to reopen with new guidelines.

Starting Saturday, May 23, the zoo will be taking visitors outdoors in a one-way, open-air, worldwide safari tour.

According to a release, visitors start the new safari experience with a walk through the Rockies with special appearances by big horned sheep, caribou, otters, grizzlies, and more.

Next, you'll be led through a safari of the hot and dry Savannah. Expect to find everything from zebras and giraffes to lions and lemurs.

You'll plunge into Africa and out to the far east with Japanese Macaques and red pandas — sadly, the pandas have been sent home to China over a bamboo shortage.

Unwind from an encounter with the Amur tigers with a stroll through the gorgeous Dorothy Harvie Gardens. And finally, finish your tour with a trek through Prehistoric Park, which speaks for itself.

The tour is one-way only. That means no backtracking on exhibits, so make sure you got the most out of every moment before moving on.

You can buy tickets starting Thursday, May 21. There's a limited amount available and it's first-come-first-served, so get your hustle on. You can only buy tickets in advance — they're not selling at the door.

To keep visitors, animals, and staff safe, there's been a bunch of new measures put in place. Pawprint stickers on the ground help visitors know where to stand and keep their distance.

Visitor numbers have also been cut down, and you'll only be able to enter through the north entrance, among other new guidelines.

Narcity reached Calgary Zoo for comment; this article will be updated.

The zoo animals have been getting premium treatment after they closed their doors, and now they're ready to come out and meet all the new visitors again.

Drop by and say hello — just make sure you're being careful while you're at it.

Calgary Zoo Reopening

Price: $19.95 ($17.95 for students)

When: Starting Saturday, May 23

Address: 210 St. George's Drive, Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: Check out their all-new reopening with an entirely different experience.

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