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Calgary Zoo's Grizzly Bear Thought Winter Was Over Because Calgary Is So Warm (PHOTO)

After an unbearable cold snap, Calgary got downright balmy. It warmed up so fast and so considerably that it almost fooled one bear who was hunkered down for the winter. The Calgary Zoo's grizzly named Skoki poked his head out and sunned himself for a bit and it looks like he's not done hibernating quite yet.

Winter wasn't kind to Alberta in January when the entire province entered a dangerously cold deep freeze. The province was under extreme winter weather warnings for days as temps of -40 and -45 degrees rolled around.

The pendulum swung and Chinook helped to bring the province above zero again swiftly. The warm weather may have stirred the zoo's beautiful grizzly from his beauty sleep.

On Wednesday, January 22 the zoo tweeted out a photo by zookeeper Shannon Collard of the massive bear. Their "brief appearance" looks like they almost thought winter was over.

In the photo, his tiny eyes take in the sunny scene around him but he's usually not up until the spring when he first starts to pop his head out.

Skoki's story is actually incredible and a good reminder about respecting bears in the wild. The 30-year-old bear has been a fixture of the zoo since his rescue.

"Had Skoki not become acclimated to humans, had he not acquired a taste for human food, he might have stayed in the wild," according to the Calgary Zoo. 

"Thanks to this week's Chinook, our rescued grizzly bear made a brief appearance to take in the warm weather & nibble some snow," reads the tweet. 

"He still looks pretty sleepy, so he's returned to his winter's nap," it continues.

You might not see sleepy Skoki if you go to the zoo right now since he's returned to his slumber.

But, you might still be able to join in the penguin walk this winter.

If you're like this bear and can't seem to wait for winter to be over, then check out one of these tropical spots right in the city where you can close your eyes and pretend it's summer.

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