Calgary's "Friends" Themed Brunch Is Perfect For Fans Waiting For The Series Reboot

I'll be there for you, with a mimosa in my hand. 🥂
Calgary's "Friends" Brunch Is Perfect For Fans Waiting For The Series Reboot

Ever wanted to sample Monica's food creations? Or talk dinos with Ross? There's a pop-up event made for Friends fans that's probably as close as you'll ever get. Calgary's Friends Brunch is coming this winter and it's made for anyone who's awaiting the series reboot with bated breath.

As soon as they announced that the original cast would come back to film more Friends, there's been a surge in fans sharing their love of the series.

This themed brunch will bring together a ton of fans for one unique event.

With mimosas in hand, you'll eat appetizers and chat with people dressed up like Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Ross and Rachel while episodes of the show are projected on the walls. 

For anyone who was ever told that their extensive knowledge of Friends would never amount to anything, you can prove them wrong.

There's going to be a Friends quiz where you can win prizes to prove how big of a fan you are.

You can sign up right now to join in the event and to be alerted when tickets go on sale.

This event is put on by the same folks who are planning the Drake party in January 2020.

It's going to be a trippy experience for anyone who loves the show and it's one of the only cool brunch experiences to ever come to Calgary. 

There's going to be a costume contest at the event so feel free to show up dressed as your favourite character.

You can even come with a turkey on your head. 

Calgary is turning into a fandom paradise right now. There's the Harry Potter-inspired beer festival is coming up soon next year, too.

Plus, Lord of the Rings fans will get to see all of the original Hobbits including Elijah Wood and Sean Astin reunited at Fan Expo next year.

Tickets are not on sale yet for the Calgary event, but if you're in Vancouver you can already get your hands on tickets for their brunch. 

Friends Brunch

Price: TBD

When: Saturday, February 23, 2020

Address: Location TBD

Why You Need To Go: You probably never got to live with your five closest friends in apartments across the hall from each other, so why not live out your Friends fantasies IRL?

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