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Calgary Is Getting A Massive Bouncy Castle Playground For Adults Next Year

I've never been so excited to take off my shoes in public.
Calgary's Inflatable Obstacle Course Is An Adults-Only Massive Bouncy Castle Playground

The spring is a time of growth and renewal where we recharge ourselves after a long winter's hibernation. Alberta is about to have it's most epic spring ever in 2020 when a massive inflatable obstacle course is coming. Start jumping up and down on your bed right now to prepare your legs. Calgary's inflatable obstacle course is a giant bouncy castle-like playground for adults.

The course is over 300 metres long, and it's being called the "world's most epic inflatable obstacle course" by event organizers.

For anyone who's ever felt a twinge of sadness that they were too big to go on the bouncy castle, then this is your chance to break through to happiness. 

There's a massive 20 metre-long "Mega Slide" that looks bad for anyone with a fear of heights.

Plus, there's something called the "Bouncy Cage of Doom" where you can definitely expect to bounce your friends to oblivion.

Finally, there's the "House of Hell" where only the bravest bouncers dare to hop.

The best thing about this pop-up coming next year is that it's no kids allowed.

There will be clear times called "junior" days when kids will be there, so you'll know exactly when to avoid it. Most of the time, it's just adults. We need this more than they do.

If you've ever watched American Ninja Warrior and thought that it doesn't look so bad, then this event is for you.

It actually looks way easier than the obstacle course shows on TV but still pretty challenging and exciting.

The size of the course is simply epic, and you and your competitive friends are going to have a blast.

The bouncy castle is also making its way out to the coast with a tour stop in Vancouver on May 16, 2020.

You can register online right now to be the first to find out additional details about this incredible event.

The Epic Inflatable Obstacle Course

Price: TBD

When: Starts on May 9, 2020

Address: TBD

Why You Need To Go: Unleash your inner athlete in the most fun way ever at a giant bouncy obstacle course for adults.

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