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Pandas At The Calgary Zoo Are Too Busy Eating To Notice The Place Is Shut Down (VIDEO)

Live on the PandaCam. 🐼
Calgary's Pandas At The Zoo Are Too Busy Eating To Notice The Place Is Shut Down (VIDEO)

The zoo being closed isn't stopping Calgary's pandas from being adorable. Although visitors aren't allowed in to prevent COVID-19 spread, you can still catch up with the city's panda population through their live streams. The zoo is also giving daily updates on all their furry pals so you'll never fall behind on their shenanigans and they're so busy eating and sleeping that they hardly notice the closure.

"Our animals will continue to receive exceptional care from the Calgary Zoo team that loves them," said the zoo in a statement to Narcity.

They've closed their doors on Monday, March 16, to protect both visitors and their resident animals from the coronavirus. Don't worry though, because it's only temporary.

While they remain shut, their vets and animal care teams are carefully scanning for any news of animals interacting with COVID-19, read a press release.

But there's no need to worry if you're going through bear withdrawal because the zoo does daily live streams of their panda population.

The zoo launched their PandaCam in 2018 for pandaholics who couldn't get enough of the bears. Every day, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., you can tune in for a peek at the lives of the professional bamboo-munchers.

They've even gathered a giant following over the years.

No worries if you missed the daily live stream; the zoo records all the footage for play when the cameras are off. The stars need their privacy, after all.

Their resident pandas, Da Mao and Er Shun, lead busy lives of napping and eating. Each go through 20 to 40 kilograms of bamboo a day, so there's no time for slacking off.

When they're not eating, you can probably catch them taking a snooze somewhere. It's tiring, digesting all that tough bamboo. That's why they sleep for up to 10 hours a day, in two giant naps.

"We plan to share behind the scenes tour every day with the animals so people can stay close to the animals they love at the Calgary Zoo," they said to Narcity.

Be sure to check their Twitter and Instagram for daily updates on all their different animals.

There's no better way to wait out the COVID-19 situation than with a heaping helping of panda bears.

Watch the PandaCam live or have it on in a background tab during your day so you can calm down and chill out anytime you're feeling overwhelmed.

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