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Calgary Won't Allow Any Political Parties To March In Their Pride Parade This September

Only one political party would have actually made the cut.

While Pride Month is over and done with, pride festivals all over Canada are still taking place. One city is doing things a bit differently. Calgary's pride parade in September won't allow any political parties to march this year. Here’s why. 

According to Calgary Pride in a news release, no political parties of any kind will be allowed to march in the parade this year. 

This decision has been made after a blind jury, consisting of individual community members with a diversity of life experiences across the LGBTQ2S+ spectrum, ranked each application independently.

According to the press release, Calgary Pride received a record number of participant applications this year for the parade. As they cannot accommodate them all, the executive decision has been made to eliminate all political parties.

On Friday, July 12, 2019, the Calgary Pride Board sorted out a list of parade applicants and ranked them from highest to lowest in terms of jury scores. They then determined the best course of action moving forward. 

According to the Calgary Pride website, a number of factors were considered for the decision. Through their conclusions, they determined that the only political party that would have been approved was the NDP party. 

They also determined that a number of jury members would prefer to have no political parties at all. According to Calgary Pride, the jury was also worried that allowing some political parties in would unfairly perceive the others as against LGBTQ2S+. As a result, the decision was made to deny every political parties application. 

The Calgary Pride Board has publicly stated that they strongly stand behind this decision. The 10-day festival is set to take place on August 23, with the parade taking place on September 1. 

This year, pride events have hit headlines for a wide variety of reasons. Just three weeks ago, a school in Saskatchewan had their pride flag burned down. 

Also this year, the pride parade in Edmonton completely canceled its festivities altogether. This decision was due to a number of reasons, including current political and social environments as well as overall safety concerns. 

While the Edmonton pride was canceled, Vancouver pride received $1 million worth of funding to ensure that the festivals were more epic and inclusive than ever before. This large amount of federal funding was also given to pride organizations in Toronto and Montréal.