What You Can & Can't Do In Calgary During Phase 1 Of Reopening Next Week

Phase one is intended to begin on May 14.
Calgary Reopening Will Happen Next Week & Here's What You Can Expect
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With Alberta slowly beginning the reopening process, there still remains some confusion as to what phase one of the plan will look like for locals. Narcity did a little digging and found out exactly what you can and can’t do during the Calgary reopening. Though some things will be available again, they will look different than they used to amidst our new normal. 

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced that phase one of the province's reopening plan is intended to begin on Thursday, May 14. 

Whether you are for or against the reopening of the province, it's coming in hot and as residents, you need to be informed on what is acceptable behaviour. 

According to the provincial website, phase one will begin to allow some businesses and facilities to resume full operations with “enhanced infection prevention.”

During this time, mask use will be strongly recommended in crowded public spaces such as transit. 

Physical distancing will also be a part of the new normal. 

Some lifted restrictions will include the opening of retail businesses like clothing, furniture, and book stores, as well as farmers' markets. 

Another lifted restriction that will be implemented next week is the reopening of cafes, pubs, and restaurants. These facilities will be running at 50% capacity. 

Bars and pubs will be open but it's important to remember that while you can visit a bar, no one will be allowed to go up to the bar to order drinks and you will need to be served at the table. 

While you'll be able to visit your favourite Calgary hot spots soon, there are still many questions as to what this will look like. 

In the coming days, officials hope to provide some more clarity on this. 

Museums and art galleries and some outdoor recreation sites will lift restrictions, although, much like the opening of restaurants, there are no details available just yet. 

There will still be some things that you can’t do, the major one being no gatherings of more than 15 people. This includes festivals like the Calgary Stampede

Spas, nightclubs, gyms, and movie theatres will remain closed during phase one. 

In an address to the public on Tuesday, May 5, the Calgary mayor stated that in order to start reopening, there need to be two weeks of declining COVID-19 cases. 

While things will slowly start to reopen, this does not mean that physical distancing no longer exists.

People are still expected to follow these rules and continue personal hygiene habits to keep everyone safe. 

At this time, the Thursday, May 14, reopening day is still subject to change should government officials feel the need to push it back.

The provincial website states that phase two will be implemented after determining the success of phase one, which entails "considering health care system capacity, hospitalization and ICU cases, and infection rates." 

While the premier has set these regulations, the Calgary mayor has expressed his concern about reopening, arguing that businesses should only reopen if they can keep the public and employees safe. 

Stephanie Hilash
Staff Writer
Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer