Alberta just hasn't been able to catch a break lately. The spring season has honestly brought out the absolute worst in mother nature. From blizzards and sleet to hail and rain, parts of Alberta have pretty much seen it all this April. While feeling personally victimized, Calgarians are long overdue for a formal apology, and it looks like we might be getting one sooner rather than later. 

This weekend, the Wild Rose province will be in full bloom. The Weather Network is reporting a high of 24°C this weekend as it will be mainly sunny with a low of 10°C, which means Albertans will get a chance to thaw out, dry off, and even warm up. 

Although the entire weekend is looking outstanding, especially considering the micro ice age we just barely survived, Saturday will see the best weather we've had all season. Go for a walk to Princes Island, get a cone with some friends, or take Mom for a lunch on Stephen Ave, for an early mother's day celebration!

The upcoming weather will not only be impressive because it's simply just not snow, it'll be nearly record-breaking. If everything is as expected, Calgarians will be enjoying the warmest weather to date since 2013. From Thursday until Saturday, we'll see tons of sunny, warm weather!

The last time we saw temperatures in the mid-20s for the 11th of May, your myspace account was still active. The mercury line hit an insane 27 degrees seven years ago, since then Calgary has been averaging out to 16 and partly sunny. 

Although it won't be nearing 30°C, Albertans will finally be able to release the TV remote and stretch their legs outside. 

Only a week ago, Albertans were advised to stay inside. Banff was hit with an incredible 30 cm of snow, and Calgary, Edmonton, and surrounding areas received 15 cm.

Those who changed their winter tires to summer tires were taught the value of traction. On the roads, in 24 hours, 127 car accidents, 18 with injuries, were reported. In the air, flights from YYC International airport were delayed or disrupted, and 48 flights were cancelled, and at home, some experienced flickering lights and short outages.

But it looks like we can put that all behind us. With the exception of spring showers, the following week is also expected to remain above 10°C. It feels like we might finally be able to get used to a regular dose of vitamin D, some fresh air and maybe a few patio beers.