Calgary's Resident Turkey Is Wandering The Streets Looking For A Mate To Love (PHOTOS)

He spends a lot of time staring at his reflection.
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Calgary's Turkey Is Wandering The Streets Looking For A Mate To Love (PHOTOS)

In case you didn’t know, Calgary has a resident turkey. Turk the Calgary turkey is apparently looking for love and has taken to wandering the streets to find it. He has been spotted all over town on his love mission and he doesn’t look like he’s stopping anytime soon. 

Calgary’s Ramsey turkey named Turk is an icon. Known for constantly wondering the streets and alluding the police, this bad boy is on a new mission. 

Turk is old school and has skipped the whole Tinder and Bumble trend and has gone straight to the streets to look for love. 

According to CTV News, originally reported by The Canadian Press, the lone male Turkey has been seen walking around the Ramsay neighbourhood for quite some time. 

He often walks alone, sometimes checking out shops or taking in the sights. But he can only do that alone for so long. 

With a little help from a city councillor, the matchmaking game has begun. 

According to KelownaNow, originally reported by The Canadian Press, city councillor Gian-Carlo Carra has noticed that “Turk Diggler” is looking for a mate. 

Carra said that he has been rather preoccupied with staring at his own reflection in any surface that will catch his eye, including the windows at the Eau Claire YMCA. 

The councillor is now interested in hooking him up with a girlfriend. In fact, he plans on reaching out to the Alberta Fish and Wildlife to ask if this would work. 

Neighbour to Carra and biologist Brian Keating told The Canadian Press that spring is when turkeys have their hormones kick in.

Since spring has sprung, breeding season is underway and it’s safe to assume he is looking for a honey. 

Keating is, of course, questioning whether it is ethical or not to bring another turkey into the mix. If he doesn’t find a mate, it’s not a big deal as he will just try again next year. 

Keating notes to The Canadian Press that it would be possible to secure a female turkey from a local breeder in Alberta. Should he be interested, Turk would strut his stuff in front of the female by spreading his massive tail. 

And he would not be quiet about it. Turkeys have a loud mating call that includes different ranges of gobbles. 

If you happen to see the feathered bachelor wandering down the street, don’t be alarmed.

Turk is incredibly friendly and Keating believes that he may have even been hand-raised due to his calm demeanour. 

Calgary police are used to responding to calls about Turk, although, the department did tell The Canadian Press that even though officers typically respond to concerns involving wildlife, this does not apply to Turk. 

He’s a real bad boy. 

Stephanie Hilash
Staff Writer
Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer
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