The Parole Board of Canada made a significant decision on Tuesday, February 19 that may stir controversy amongst Canadians. A Canadian man who strangled his own wife to death and then hid her dead body in their Calgary home has been granted day paroleAllan Shyback is now free to walk the streets and will live in a town in Alberta. He was arrested five years ago in 2014 and has now been released on parole.

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Allan Shyback was convicted in 2014 of manslaughter and causing an indignity to a body. He murdered his wife, Lisa Mitchell, in 2012 by strangling her and after her death, he hid her body by cementing it into the basement wall of their Calgary house. Shyback testified in court that he acted in self-defense when he killed his wife.

Originally in 2014, Shyback was sentenced to seven years in prison. Later on, the Alberta Court of Appeal increased it to 10 years. However, he's now been released on parole five years after he was sentenced, according to CTV News

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The Parole Board of Canada made the decision to grant Shyback parole on Tuesday. The board said that he still has progress to make but he will not be a problematic risk to the community, according to CTV News

"I have no excuse. There's nothing to justify what I did," Shyback told the Parole Board of Canada at a hearing for his release on Tuesday, February 19. "I wish I could take back all the pain I have caused. I can apologize and I'm sorry for everything that occurred. I regret the loss of her life."

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He also testified at his trial that he had dealt with domestic abuse for years from his wife and said that when he killed her, it was in self-defense because she attacked him with a knife, according to CTV News. 

After her murder, he didn't reveal to their family that she was dead and reportedly told them that his wife had left. Shyback also continued living in the same Calgary home with their two kids. 

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Shyback talked about the experience to the Parole Board of Canada yesterday. "It was very traumatic ... very chaotic," he said. "That's still something that's hard ... the loss of Lisa. I miss her everyday."

Now that he's been released from prison, Shyback will live at a halfway house in Red Deer, Alberta, according to CTV News. He is expected to work as either a cook or a truck driver.

The parole board said he has to adhere to curfew rules, is not allowed to drink alcohol, must inform a parole officer if he is in any relationship, and has to go to counseling sessions.