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Round Trip Flights From Calgary To Hawaii Are The Cheapest We've See All Year

If you survived the winter so far, treat yourself!
Cheap Flights From Calgary To Hawaii Starting At $400

Calgary is getting slammed with painfully low temperatures this winter. Why stick around in the snow when you're just a flight away from the warm beaches in Hawaii? Get yourself aboard one of these cheap flights from Calgary to Hawaii and treat yourself for surviving the winter.

January is perfect for flights to Hawaii. The prices are extra cheap. 

There's a reason Hawaii is one of the top places that Canadians love to travel.

Are you a nature lover? Hawaii has got you covered. The islands are host to an incredibly complex and fragile ecosystem completely different from the outside world.

Go whale watching on its many beaches, and while you're there, keep an eye out for the rare and endangered Hawaiian monk seals off Kauai’s coasts.

Check out the gorgeous foliage and vibrant colours. Hawaii's exotic forests are a far cry from the drab snow in Calgary.

From beaches with superfine sugary sand to sparkling clear blue waters, it's easy to fall in love with Hawaii.

Anyone who loves adventure and Indian Jones has to check out Hawaii because it's famous for its active volcanoes.

According to Go Hawaii, the island has multiple "shield" volcanoes just waiting to be explored. Named after the gently sloping mountains where beautiful lava flows stream, half of Hawaii is actually made of one big shield volcano named Maunaloa. How often do you get to see actual lava in real life?

Here's how to get the deal:

Use Skyscanner to check for the cheapest flights from Calgary to Hawaii.

Choose Calgary as your starting point and as your destination put "everywhere."

Rather than choosing departure dates choose the option to see the "cheapest months."

Scroll down and you'll find the cheapest flights out of the city, including flights for just under $400.

The island isn't even as expensive as you might think. You can live large for cheap if you find the right spot.

And to top it all off, the island is known for its delicious cuisine and amazing culture. If you can't swing a flight to Calgary just yet, then you can always try faking it with a staycation.

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