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Calgary Will Not Be Disinfecting You Home By Helicopter Today

The City of Calgary wants you to know that the rumours aren’t true.

When fear and uncertainty are in the air, it's natural for rumours to go around. The rumour mill in Calgary has been dishing out some interesting ones lately. The latest involved helicopter action and lockdowns due to COVID-19 in Calgary. Thankfully, the city has laid those rumours to rest through a simple tweet. 

CBC News reported that there had been a rumour circulating through text messages in the city. The text message advised residents to stay indoors after 11:40 p.m., as five helicopters would be spraying disinfectant into the air. 

A screenshot of one of the alleged texts reads, "Doors and windows should remain closed as 5 helicopters spray disinfectants into the air to eradicate the coronavirus." 

The text also advised the recipient to "process" the information, or should we say misinformation, to all of their contacts. 

Since then, the city has emphatically dismissed the rumour. In a tweet posted on Tuesday, March 24, the City of Calgary said, "We’ve heard rumours about how we are disinfecting the city. We are not spraying throughout the night or using helicopters to disinfect areas." 

They added that the residents can help contain the virus by washing their hands and maintaining a physical distance of two meters. 

If that wasn't confirmation enough, the city's mayor, Naheed Nenshi also had to take to social media to discuss more recent rumours. 

His tweet read, "I can’t even keep up with all the rumours — locking people in their homes, military deployment and so on." 

He reminded us to look to trusted sources for information, such as Alberta Health and our local government. 

He posted another tweet as part of the same thread, saying "We can't afford to panic. We have to stay clearheaded." 

And he once again urged us to keep washing our hands. "Clean hands, clear heads, open hearts," the tweet went on to read. He finished off the thread by telling us to stay homes and "save lives." 

If that plea doesn't encourage us to maintain social distancing as a rule during this pandemic, we don't know what will. 

CBC News also shared that while the act of spraying disinfectants via a helicopter has been taken by South Korea, it hasn't been implemented in any Canadian city just yet. 

So if you're getting messages that keep mentioning the same rumour, the city officials are available to clear the air right away. And we don't mean that literally.