Calgary Is Giving Everyone 3 Months To Pay Their Utility Bills Without Any Penalties

There won't be any interest!
COVID-19 in Calgary: The City Is Giving Everyone 3 Months To Pay Their Utility Bills

Life may be different, but those bills are still rolling in. Luckily, we've got a little relief. On Thursday, March 19, the Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi announced that city residents will have the option of deferring their utility bills for three months. This measure is being undertaken to help residents as they tackle COVID-19 in Calgary

In a video interview with Global News, Mayor Nenshi cited Premier Jason Kenney's statement made on Wednesday, March 18, in which the Premier said that those who would be unable to pay their gas and electric bills would be able to defer them. 

Mayor Nenshi said, "This morning, this city will be announcing the same for your water, your wastewater, your sewer, your waste, and recycling bills."

So altogether, Calgary residents could be spared from paying their gas, electricity, water, sewer, wastewater, waste, and recycling bills for as long as three months. 

This measure would give city residents the option to delay their payments for three months, after which the deferred amount will be distributed onto their utility bills over the next six months. No penalties or interest will apply to the deferred payments. 

Right now, the city is focusing on supporting individuals, but in the coming days, they will be notifying the public on how they can assist the businesses in economic hardship resulting from the pandemic.

The official announcement from the City will be released later in the day on Thursday, March 19, according to Global News. 

On Tuesday, March 17, Premier Kenney announced that he was declaring a provincial state of emergency for Alberta, just a day after Calgary announced a local state of emergency for the city. 

Under the new measures, gatherings over 50 people have been banned for most venues except essential locations such as grocery stores, public transit, airports and legislatures. 

As such, maybe people are practicing social distancing and staying indoors. 

If you're like us, you'll probably be taking a lot of long showers, watching a lot of shows on Netflix, and probably turning on the occasional light. As such, the utilities will add up. 

This initiative will at least help you keep the bills off your back for a little while longer.