Since the status of COVID-19 is changing every day, it can be difficult to know what health and safety protocols are necessary. During a speech to the public on Wednesday, April 22, Calgary’s mayor answered some burning questions about what we can and can't do within COVID-19 rules in Calgary. Some of the rules may surprise you. 

During Wednesday's address, Mayor Naheed Nenshi spoke with the city's Chief of Emergency Management Agency, Tom Sampson. 

The joint speech was to offer some clarity on the ever-changing norms during the pandemic in Calgary as well as discuss new rules that will be applied. These rules included bylaw officers now being able to fine people for not social distancing

During the speech, Nenshi noted that people were doing their best to try and follow rules but there was still some confusion as to what actions were acceptable. 

“The vast, vast, vast majority are doing it exactly right. They are making personal sacrifices to really make sure they are looking after their own health and the health of the community,” said the mayor. 

He noted that others are curious about what they are able to do. 

To start, Nenshi clarified that it was not acceptable to go running with your running group because it is hard to maintain a physical distance of six feet in a group. 

But it wasn't just running groups that are off-limits. Outdoor yoga in the park with friends was declared to be an unacceptable activity. 

Even a picnic in the park with a friend while being separated the appropriate six-foot distance is not acceptable in the eyes of the mayor. 

“What I’m asking is don’t plan to do things like that. Not now. Not quite yet. We just aren’t ready for that,” he said.

“I just want to tell you that these are small scarifies. They are not what our grandparents were asked to do to save the world but ultimately they are things that make a huge difference.”

For physical and mental health, the mayor clarified that officials want people to get out and get fresh air but he is asking residents to do it in their own neighbourhoods. 

He noted that exercise and getting out is important but so is looking after others while doing it. 

“Physical distancing does not mean social isolation,” said the mayor as he encouraged people to reach out to one another and let people know that they are not in this alone.