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This Extreme Sweets Shop In Calgary Will Give Your Dentist Nightmares

Waffles topped with Jolly Rancher ice cream are what sweet dreams are made of.
This Extreme Sweets Shop In Calgary Will Give Your Dentist Nightmares

Most people like to enjoy something sweet after dinner, but that's usually nothing more than a slice of pie. This spot in Calgary, however, has practically turned dessert into an extreme sport and we're not mad about it. D Spot Dessert Cafe Calgary is where you'll find some of the most over-the-top treats in YYC.

D Spot has multiple locations in Canada, with several more coming soon in Ontario. It's been open in Calgary for a few months now, and if you have a sweet tooth, you'll want to check it out.

This place has everything you'd expect a dessert cafe to have, like milkshakes, sundaes, Belgian waffles and cakes. However, some of these menu items make it clear that this is not your average sweet shop. 

Among the wildest creations is the Candyland waffle, which is a waffle topped with cotton candy, Skittles and Jolly Rancher ice cream. If cookies are more your thing, you can get an Oreo-topped waffle with a giant scoop of cookies n' cream.

If you'd prefer to have your candy in liquid form, you can treat yourself to a Krazy Jolly Rancher Milkshake. Sip on a mug full of candy-flavoured ice cream, topped with whipped cream and cotton candy.

For something more traditional, you can have a plate of ice cream in a waffle cone with mounds of fresh fruit, or if you're going for zero nutritional value, brownies.

Not to mention the assortment of cakes on D Spot's menu, which ranges from Godiva cheesecake to strawberry shortcake. 

D Spot even has dinner items on their menu, like pizza, poutine and sausages. All of which are just as fully-loaded with toppings as their desserts.  

This place is what any sweet tooth's dreams are made of, and the product of your dentist's worst nightmares. 

Also in the running for Calgary's most unique dessert shop is this all-matcha cafe, which just opened in the city this week. So while it's cold and snowy out there, you may as stay warm with your matcha latte and chocolate-covered pancakes.

D Spot Dessert Cafe

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Dessert

Address: 933 17 Ave SW #100, Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: Indulge in some of the most over-the-top dessert creations you'll find in YYC.

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