Over 30 Dogs Were Just Rescued From A Dump & Are Looking For Forever Homes In Calgary

Good luck not adopting all 30.
Over 30 Dogs Were Just Rescued From A Dump & Are Looking For Forever Homes In Calgary

There's nothing we love more than a happy ending, especially when there are adorable animals involved. Dozens of dogs found at a Manitoba dump have been rescued and will soon be looking for homes in Calgary. Over 30 dogs and puppies were found suffering in bleak conditions at the dump. Luckily, the Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue was notified and immediately set up a rescue mission. The dogs will be arriving in Spring Bank on September 18, and though they are mostly healthy, they are absolutely starved. 

Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue (RMAR) posted on Facebook on September 7 announcing a planned rescue/transport date for September 15. As the date grew near, the RMAR posted several more times, asking for volunteer support coordinating the rescue. On September 11th, they posted again calling for fosterers for when the dogs arrived.

They wrote that many of the dogs they’d come across were “starving, freezing, not spayed, pregnant, and lonely with nowhere to go.” We should also mention that these dogs and puppies are absolutely adorable. So, if you've ever considered fostering or adopting, consider this a sign.

“They will need TLC and vetting for spay/neuter/vaccines shortly after gaining weight. Some need extensive dental work due to chewing on chain,” RMAR wrote. Again, they encouraged the public to foster, adopt, donate, or volunteer. 

The 30-some dogs and pups will be arriving in a trailer on Wednesday. The Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue staff will need help getting them all collared, fed, watered, and walked, among other things. 

According to CTV News, these dogs had a small chance of survival when they were discovered. A post by Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue explained that this sort of instance is a product of overpopulation and homeless dogs not being spayed and neutered.

It is clear that the Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue has limited resources and will need to rely heavily on volunteers and donations to make this noble rescue successful.

If you feel like having a dog or puppy around, this could be the perfect chance to temporarily foster or full-on adopt. I mean, did you see those little faces? 

To see which of these adorable dogs are up for adoption, or to apply to become a fosterer, you can visit the Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue website here. 

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