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Calgary's Famous Wading Pool Is Currently Closed Because It’s Full Of Sh*t

Summer is upon us, Calgary. After a rocky start weather-wise, we’re now beginning to see some of those beloved blue Albertan skies. The sun’s shining, the birds are singing, and apparently, fecal matter closed Calgary's Olympic Plaza wading pool.

You better believe it. The summer hot-spot has been temporarily closed by health officials after concerning levels of coliform, or fecal matter was confirmed in the water. Alberta Health Services (AHS) has released a notice of closure for the wading pool, more formally known as Olympic Plaza Reflecting Pool located at 228 8 Ave. S.E.

According to the notice, the wading pool was in breach of both the Public Health Act and the Public Swimming Pools Regulation.

The pool was in violation of two pool standards. The first being that “the quality of water in a public swimming pool must be maintained so that the water does not show the presence of total coliforms in a 100 millilitre sample.” The second being that “the water does not have a heterotrophic plate count greater than 100 colony forming units per milliliter in a 100 millilitre sample,” the notice outlined.

The beloved wading pool was well above the fecal matter levels and bacteria counts that would allow it to remain open to the public.

The AHS’ report demanded the owners of the pool, The City of Calgary and Michael Gray, to close it immediately. It also stated that they must immediately work to complete the necessary safety measures “including treatment of the wading pool to eliminate any possible source of contamination and then chemically balance the whirlpool water.”

The measures also include submitting an updated water sample to the Provincial Laboratory. 

It looks like the pool will stay closed until the owners are able to complete the requirements to the AHS’ satisfaction.

We have many questions. First, when will the pool be up and running again? Second, what sort of "fecal matter" are we talkin' here? And third, who's willing to go back in the pool once it's re-opened? 

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