Calgarians Were Caught Breaking All Kinds Of Social Distancing Rules Last Weekend

Several tickets were issued.
Fines In Calgary: Locals Have Been Ticketed For Skateboarding & Drinking In Public

Looks like those fines that Calgary promised are starting to roll out. On Tuesday, April 28, Calgary officials announced that they issued tickets to nine different locals over the weekend for violating COVID-19 health orders. These fines in Calgary were issued for three different reasons, all of which went against the social distancing guidelines. 

Sue Henry, the Deputy Chief of the Calgary Emergency Management Agency, shared this info with the public in a press conference. This specific conference on Tuesday, April 28 was about how the authorities are enforcing health and distancing protocols put in place by the government. 

She said that fines were issued between Friday, April 24 and Sunday, April 26. In addition to the nine tickets, officers also had to issue 140 warnings to people not following public health orders. 

"There are still some circumstances where Calgarians are not observing the necessary behaviour," she said. 

Calgary Community Standards officers issued three fines worth $1,200 each to adult males at Lindsay Park.

These locals were found not following physical distancing requirements in a manner that Henry described as "egregious." 

Three tickets worth $400 each were issued to individuals using the skate park. Henry reminded the public that skate parks have been closed since March 27. 

"It was a fenced-off closure," she said about the skate park where the locals were found. 

Finally, three violation tickets worth $120 were given to individuals found drinking in a public space

All in all, the nine fines amount to a total of $5,160. 

Officers carried out 362 patrols of the community over the weekend and have reported that Calgarians are getting better at following social distancing. 

However, rulebreakers are still out and about. 

"We prepare to use enforcement as a last resort," said Henry. 

Henry also stated that Calgary's phone line, where people can tell on others for not socially distancing, received a fairly high volume of calls over the weekend. 

"Since Friday, we've had 1,515 calls to 311 related to COVID-19. Some of these were concerns and some of these were inquiries," she stated. 

338 calls were made by concerned locals about physical distancing issues, whereas other calls were made about public gatherings, private gatherings, and playground use. 

It looks like these fines are a real thing and you should be sure to follow safety measures if you don't want to pay the price. 

However, Mayor Nenshi did say that it's okay for residents to do socially-distant "driveway visits" as long as you're following orders and you don't make a habit of it. So, that's something. 

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