If you keep up with Alberta news, you've likely heard of Krysta-Lyn Williams, the Calgary woman who faked having cancer as a ploy to collect money from any kind people who were willing to donate to the cause.

Earlier this month, an anonymous tip was sent to police about the raffles and pages being created in Williams' honour. The police then conducted further investigations and determined that not only the raffle, but also Williams' diagnosis were fake.

Between the GoFundMe page and the West Jet raffle, Williams raised over $15,000, all of which was supposed to be going towards medical costs and cancer support. The GoFundMe page has since been delted, and the organization is working hard to return any money that was donated.

Upon hearing about the news, many of Williams' friends and other's who willingly donated to the cause took to Facebook to share their discontent and disgust:

Via Nicky Arsenault

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It's apparent from the comments that there are many mixed feelings, but people are determined to not let this situation affect their generosity in the future! Many commenters said that they would donate to a similar cause again, as they've been affected by cancer personally.

Nikki Arsenault, a woman who became close with Williams said that the two became close because Arsenault's mother had battled cancer, and the two bonded over it.

Other commenters reported that Williams has since returned their money via e-transfer, but she has still been charged with one count of fraud over $5,000.