We love the Tron movies for their sleek designs and neon colours, but this home takes it a step further and brings the movie into reality. This futuristic Calgary Mansion is perfect for the Tron mega-fan because it looks just a setting in the films. Sitting at roughly $5 million, this gorgeous sci-fi home is fit for a sentient computer program or at least Daft Punk.

Boasting four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and 3,977 square feet of space, this expansive home has a ton of room

And, located in the easygoing Bridgeland-Riverside area, you're never more than a skip away from fantastic Italian eateries or quirky little shops. A bit farther and you can access all the amazing things Calgary has to offer.

If you're ever able to tear your eyes off the interior design, the view from the balcony is pretty fantastic too.

This home isn't just sci-fi in looks, it's also futuristic in features. From state-of-the-art security, electronics, and mechanical functions to fully heated marble floors, this 10-year-old home will make you feel like you're in the grid.

It even comes with a private elevator in case the stairs are too old-fashioned for you.

The garage fits two cars or a bunch of Tron motorcycles, and the driveway can sit three vehicles no problem. 

But what really takes the cake in our humble opinions is the absolutely stunning interiors. Take a look for yourself.

Lights seem to zig-zag and zoom throughout the home. A black and white colour palette give it an edge.

It doesn't end there either. The upstairs also comes with spa-like facilities and plenty of open space.

The bathrooms have a sleek all-black look to them and that Tron-syle lighting really works.

This place is obviously pretty great. However, there is one tiny catch to all this, and that tiny catch is a giant price tag.

Unless you're the actual inventor of Tron or another ridiculously wealthy individual, the $5 million price tag is enough to make any piggybank weep.

For around the same price, for example, you can purchase an actual castle in the same city with beautiful chandeliers in every bedroom.

Then again, Canada isn't exactly known for its affordable real estate so we'll just dream.

"Tron" Mansion

Price: $4,900,000

Address: Bridgeland-Riverside area, Calgary, AB

Description: A sleek and gorgeous home with state-of-the-art functions and a futuristic feel.

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