Halloween In Calgary Will Be Grim Due To Snow Flurries & Below Freezing Temperatures

Time to pull out your sexy snowsuit.
Halloween Weather In Calgary Brings Flurries And Below Freezing Temperatures This Year

If you grew up in Alberta, you likely remember planning Halloween costumes that you could fit a snowsuit under for trick-or-treating out in the cold. Halloween weather in Calgary isn't always ideal. Once you got too old for trick-or-treating, trying to find a cute costume that wasn't ruined by extra layers and snowboots became a common Halloween headache. Well, we can't tell you that it's going to be beach weather this Halloween in Calgary, but we can tell you that the temperature will actually be in the positives for some of the days. Unfortunately, you can also expect some sun and freezing temperatures after dark.

According to The Weather Network, Calgary can expect temperatures of about 5 C on Halloween this Thursday, October 31, though it will feel like 1 C. At night, temperatures will fall to -6 C. In total, there will be about three hours of sunlight throughout the day on October 31. On top of all that, predictions show flurries and wind gusts of 21 km/h.

To anyone who isn't from Calgary, this may sound like a pretty grim forecast. For Calgary locals, on the other hand, this is nothing we haven't seen before. Alberta's already experienced their fair share of winter weather so far this fall so those snowboots are already in the doorway. Also, if this forecast is making you consider staying in on Thursday night, we highly advise against because Calgary is in for full-on winter in the days to follow.

The Weather Network’s 14-day forecast shows a sunny day on Friday followed by a cloudy day on Saturday, and it’s downhill from there. The Sunday, November 3 forecast shows wet snow, Monday indicated flurries, it will ease up for a day of sun of Tuesday then dive right back into snow from Wednesday to Friday.

Though Calgary's Halloween weather predictions aren't ideal, we can look forward to sunny days on the Tuesday and Wednesday before Halloween. Any snow leftover from the weekend might just be gone before you set out on your Halloween escapades. At least until those October 31 flurries kick in.

Though Alberta sure didn't get much of a summer or fall with huge amounts of rain and an early autumn snowfall, we can at least look forward to a winter of milder temperatures. Along with the more mild temperatures, there will also be more snow than usual. If you're gearing up for a winter of skiing and snowboard, it might be the perfect weather for the slopes.

We rarely get the chance to share news of great weather in Alberta, so we're going to go ahead and celebrate the fact that this Halloween will bring some temperatures in the positives. We've got to take what we can get over here. Happy Halloween, Calgary!

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