You Can Finally Get Canned Tequila Sodas In Alberta Just In Time For Summer

Never mix, never worry.⛱
Hecho's Canned Tequila Sodas Are In Stores In Calgary Just In Time For Summer

Summer is coming, and there's nothing we love to dream about more than sitting in the sun and sipping a tequila soda. Albertans won't have to waste precious moments of summer mixing their own drinks anymore. Hecho's canned tequila sodas are in stores now, and you can pick one up in Calgary today.

The company was created in Calgary so just like how B.C. has its own Nude vodka sodas, Alberta can be proud of their own tequila drinks.

"We noticed there wasn’t a high quality canned tequila product in the market so we quickly got to work on building the brand and creating a premium, sessionable drink that can be enjoyed in any setting," said Zack Lister, co-founder and CEO of Hecho Tequila Sodas, in the statement.

In order to preserve its authenticity, all the drinks are made in Mexico and shipped to Canada.

They are made with just three ingredients: carbonated water, natural lime flavour, and of course, "100% Blue Agave Tequila Blanco," according to a press release.

That's how the drinks manage to squeeze below 100 calories per can, as well as be gluten-free with no artificial flavouring or sweeteners.

What better way to relax in summer than with a cold dose of tequila?

The canned cocktail is going to roll out in stores all over Alberta soon.

In Calgary, you can already get it at places like Willow Park Wines & Spirits, Craft Cellars, BK Liquor Bridgeland, Highlander Wine and Spirits, Heritage Wine, Spirits and Beer, and Royal Spirits and Wines.

The drinks are selling for around $13 for four cans. That's basically the cost of one cocktail at fancy bar.

Now that Calgary has its own liquor delivery service, in time, you won't even need to leave the house to get your groove on.

Just remember to enjoy your drinks responsibly and to stay off the roads.

Go ahead and drink this straight out of the can. If you're fancy, you can go ahead and pour it over ice with a slice of fresh lime and if you're extra then mix it with agua fresca.

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