Just because things are shut down doesn't mean we can’t have some social distance fun and entertainment. Hire Heels YYC in Calgary is a local drag queen booking agency that allows you to book your own fabulous entertainment. While the local queens may not be able to perform in bars, 12 of them did perform on the streets for some very well-deserving moms on Mother's Day. 

You’ve heard of drag queens delivering food, but did you know you can actually book your very own drag show to make a house call? 

Two Calgary queens, Nada Nuff and Farrah Nuff, started Hire Heels YYC before COVID-19 started as a way to get people to support local talent. 

Perfect for birthday parties and corporate functions, there is nowhere the dynamic duo can’t perform. 

Because of the pandemic, the queens have been unable to perform in nightclubs but it hasn’t stopped them from putting a smile on people's faces. 

Over Mother’s Day weekend, a friend of the pair reached out asking if they could show off their talent for their mother on Mother’s Day. 

Once people got wind of what was happening, it all blew up. 

Shortly after, the queens were being asked to do multiple shows and ended up booking over 50 houses between Saturday, March 9, and Sunday, March 10. 

Altogether, four teams of three queens each did their rounds spreading cheer through dance and comedy. 

Don’t worry, social distancing protocols were followed. 

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Nada Nuff even went and performed in front of 29 houses between the two days.

In addition to the house calls, the queens also recorded personal video messages sent to moms all over the city.

Each performance was about 10 minutes each and afterwards, social distance photos and a quick hang with the moms were done. 

Farrah Nuff told Narcity that the performances consisted of songs by all the greats including RuPaul, Spice Girls, and Meghan Trainor. 

The queens have told Narcity that the response has been overwhelming. 

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Despite being laid off from her job, Nada Nuff has now been using this as a work from home opportunity. 

“It’s incredible to see Calgarians support us so much. We’ve even gotten requests from Ontario and BC,” she told us. 

“The response this weekend actually performing was so fun. People were smiling, crying, singing, dancing. It felt normal again. It made my heart so warm and full.”