Okay, so let’s be honest; while the term Canadian also comes associated with the inevitable expectation that we can handle long winter months - it really doesn’t change the fact that our winters suck. 

No matter how many scarves we wear or whether we buy those infamous Canadian Olympic gloves, we still get cold, and cranky, and want to scream “thank u, next” so we can move on to warmer seasons.

While we tend to avoid outdoor activities due to the below freezing temperatures, we, as Canadians, sometimes take our winters for granted. From indoor skating rinks to the good ole neighbourhood ice hockey games, there comes another sport that we have yet to embrace during these cold months - ice sailing.

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Designed as a boat that’s fitted with running skis or skates, ice boats are the perfect replacement for those who crave a new sport to take on during the winter. Similar to sailing, the strong and cold wind is what pushes the boat along the ice - which, with Canadian winters, I’m sure we can count on any day is a good ice sailing day *cries a little inside*

While you can find a frozen lake to ice sail on almost anywhere within Canada, Alberta’s Ghost Lake offers equipment on ice sailing. Located near the foothill of the Rocky Mountains, Ghost Lake comes with lessons and a view. And so the will to live continues!

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55 KM west of Calgary, Ghost Lake tends to freeze in December and remains so until April - because, of course, it does - so you have a chance to check it out until then.

Also available on the lake is ice driving, ice fishing, and of course some of that good Canadian ice hockey. For more info, you can check out the official website for Ghost Lake Iceboats.