As we head into the latter half of summer, it's common for people to start feeling restless. You've done pretty much all of the summer activities that you crave during the school year and you've re-watched New Girl on Netflix twice. You're straight up just super bored.

Well, how about you spice things up and set off on a road trip that is bound to be filled with good times, lasting memories, and some bumping car tunes? Get a group of friends together and go on an adventure instead of just sitting at home. Text the group chat, make a bomb playlist, and stock up on car snacks. Choose one of these road trip destinations and take in the amazing views along the way!

1. Calgary, AB ---> Seattle, WA 

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Time: 11h 30m

The drive from Calgary to Seattle takes you through all of the best parts of the Rockies, and gives you dozens of opportunities to stop over in mountain towns and take in the views.

2. Edmonton, AB ---> Jasper, AB

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Time: 4h

Jasper is one of the most photographed places in the world, and it's not hard to see why. A road trip here is something every Canadian should do at least once in their life. Make sure to check out Spirit Island once you get there!

3. Calgary, AB ---> Vancouver, BC

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Time: 10h 20m

There are so many different routes from Calgary to Van, and all of them are absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend stopping in Whistler for some mountain biking and hiking! Also, Kamloops is underrated as HECK, their waterfront is unreal!

4. Calgary, AB ---> Drumheller, AB

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Time: 1h 30m

Looking for a day trip rather than a marathon drive? Drumheller is one of the most unique places in Alberta. The hoodoos are freaking cool, and this spot is also the home to one of the largest collections of dinosaur fossils in the world.

5. Edmonton, AB ---> Elk Island National Park

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Time: 35m

Elk Island National Park is definitely one of the most underrated parks in Alberta, often overshadowed by Banff and Jasper. The lake here is absolutely stunning, and the sunsets are second to none. Take a canoe out onto the water and you won't regret it!

7. Calgary, AB ---> Waterton Lakes National Park

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Time: 2h 35m

Waterton Lakes National Park is absolutely breathtaking. Once you get here, you definitely need to check out this hike — it will give you the best views of the area and you will feel like you're on top of the world!

8. Calgary, AB ---> Portland, OR

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Time: 12h 48m

In it for the long haul? This road trip may take you a while, but if you stop along the way you will truly make the most of it. Portland is one of the coolest spots in America, and the drive there is scenic as heck!