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If You're Looking For Great Brunch In The SW, These Are The Must-Try Spots

The most important meal of the day!

Before we begin, can we all just agree that brunch is the best meal of the day? It's basically an excuse to sleep in and still eat breakfast food. It also has some of the tastiest dishes, like eggs benny or breakfast poutine or waffles. If I could only eat brunch food for breakfast lunch and dinner for the rest of my life I would. 

Brunch is also the perfect meal to grab with friends. Whether it's after a late night out with the gang and you need recovery food, or whether you're reconnecting with an old friend, brunch is the perfect meal to have great conversation (once you get some coffee in you). 

SW Calgary definitely has some of the city's best brunch spots. Here are the essentials that you definitely need to cross off your brunch bucket list: 

Diner Deluxe

Where: 350 Aspen Glen Landing SW

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This modern and bright breakfast spot is a definite staple for summer. With a patio that looks out onto the Aspen "lake" (v manmade but still pretty), you can soak up the sun while eating your sunnyside up eggs!

OEB Breakfast

Where: 222 5 Ave SW #110

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OEB Breakfast is one of Calgary's most popular breakfasts spots, and there's a reason why. Their entire menu is filled with option after option of unique and delectable breakfast dishes - you'll be thinking about it for days after you eat it!

Belmont Diner

Where: 2008 33 Ave SW #19

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Belmont Diner is a retro restaurant that serves up classic diner breakfasts that don't disappoint. Their hash browns are one of the best parts of your meal for sure. Get there early unless you want to wait in line!

Holy Grill

Where: 827 10 Ave SW and 444 5 Ave SW #200

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Holy Grill might just be the holy grail of breakfast. Their eggs benny are absolutely fantastic, but their breakfast sandwiches are the real stars of the show (get the Bacon Avacado Crisp - you're welcome).

Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus

Where: 2439 54 Ave SW

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Ever heard of "pannenkoek"? It's basically the Dutch version of a crepe/pancake, but way better. This pannenkoek restaurant serves up dutch pancakes that are literally bigger than your face, with a HUGE selection of flavours and toppings!

The Coup

Where: 924 17 Ave SW

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This 100% vegetarian restaurant also has vegan options, making it the perfect destination for brunch if you or your friends have dietary restrictions! Their creative dishes are absolutely delectable.

Monki Bistro

Where: 1301 10 Ave SW

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This slightly upscale restaurant does not disappoint when it comes to food. I mean, c'mon, look at this epic waffle?! If I could only eat here for the rest of my life I would definitely be happy.

Galaxie Diner

Where: 1413 11 St SW

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This spot is definitely a hidden gem for an unreal diner breakfast experience. The totally vintage restaurant will take you back in time, and the classic brunch food served is totally timeless.