Two fatal accidents took place on the same day in Calgary yesterday, and it's leaving residents shaken. Two people, on separate occasions, were fatally struck by a public transit train in Calgary on October 15th. 

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A six-year-old girl and a man were the victims of a hit by the C-train in Calgary. The girl was taken to the hospital for life-threatening injuries and the man died on the scene, according to the Calgary Police

The driver of the train that hit the girl said that he tried to brake when he saw the victim, according to CBC News. Sgt. Chris Agren said that the girl was walking across the train tracks when the train started coming. "She panicked," Agren told CBC News. "Unfortunately she then doubled back the way she was originally walking from and wasn't able to get out of the way of the train in time." 

An alleged neighbour of the six-year-old victim posted to Facebook about the incident and the post has gone viral. It has since gotten over 3000 shares and 600 comments, with many people sending their condolences. A memorial for the girl has been set up near the station where she was killed and many went to pay their respects, according to Global News

This incident has left many Calgarians upset and horrified. On a Reddit thread discussing it, there have been many mixed reactions. Some have pointed out how tragic the incident is. However, that's not all–many are using this accident to warn other pedestrians to be careful.

One top comment on the Reddit thread was from user Km299, who said, "Another train driver's life ruined. I was downtown a few weeks ago at 1st street and there was a train about to leave. The train started slowly moving and a guy on the opposite side of the street started crossing, completely oblivious or stupid. The train driver slammed its horn on and managed to stop but the guy kept crossing in front of the train anyway." He added this tidbit of advice, "People need to pay attention: look up from your phone, take earphones out, don't think you can beat the train etc". 

Some people are even going so far to defend the trains. Reddit user itsinfo commented, "I hate to be insensitive but it is. It's a fucking train. It's loud, huge, vibrates the ground, there is fences, sirens, arms that extend. If you can't be bothered by all this, not to mention a huge massive train coming at you, then I'm not too sure what to do for you".

The comment got 76 points, but right below it, another user, RockLeethal,defended the victim and said, "minus the child who got hit; children can hardly be blamed for making stupid choices or not understanding certain things". His reply got 58 points. 

Police are now investigating both incidents.