The sequel to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle has been filming in Canada, and Canadians have been super excited to learn that this major Hollywood blockbuster is shooting in their homeland. One of the stars who is now filming in Calgary, Kevin Hart, has been complaining about how cold it gets in our country. Not everyone can handle the cold weather in Canada!

Kevin Hart has been documenting his experience in Canada on Instagram. He posted a video two days ago of him on set with Nick Jonas and Jack Black. Now, he's shared another video of his time in Calgary, but this time, it's less positive. 

Kevin Hart took to Instagram yesterday to talk about his experience in Canada. Unlike Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who gave a sentimental shoutout to Canada in an Instagram video yesterday, the comedian's video was less positive.

In his video, he showed a row of snowmobiles as he spoke to the camera. The snowy, Alberta mountains can be seen behind him. "This is how we gotta get to and from set today – snowmobile" he says, referring to the snowmobiles behind him. 

"Excuse the fact that my ... mouth looks as white as the snow, it's extremely cold up here," he says in the video. "But I'm about to go down to my trailer."

Check out the video he posted on his Instagram story below! 

It looks like the Jumanji cast will be wrapping up filming in Calgary soon. Nick Jonas posted an Instagram story today saying that it was his last day of filming Jumanji

The new Jumanji sequel will be out in theatres later this year in December 2019. Make sure to keep an eye out in the movie for Canada's special appearance!