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Kevin Hart Says He's "Blown Away" By Canada's Beauty In New Instagram Video

He previously complained about how cold it was in Canada in another video.
Kevin Hart Says He's "Blown Away" By Canada's Beauty In New Instagram Video

Actor and Comedian Kevin Hart recently found his way up north to our homeland. Last week, he complained on Instagram about how cold it was in Canada. However, it looks like things have now taken a turn for the better. Although he may be freezing while bracing the Canadian weather, he can't help but admire how beautiful our country is. In a recent Instagram video, Kevin Hart calls Canada breathtaking and we can't help but agree with him. 

Kevin Hart was in the Rockies in Alberta last week to film the sequel to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Alongside him, stars like Nick Jonas, Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black were also seen filming in Canada.

The stars have been sharing on social media their time in Alberta. Dwayne Johnson declared his love for Canada in an Instagram video last week. Kevin Hart also posted some videos of his time in Canada to Instagram. In one of his earlier Instagram stories in Alberta, he said it was "extremely cold". Now, his latest video focuses on the more positive sides of Canada. 

In the Instagram video, Kevin Hart takes a moment to be grateful for all he has as he admires the breathtaking scenery in Canada. He shows the scenery of the Canadian Rockies as he talks to the camera. 

"On the set shooting Jumani, and I'm telling you man that sometimes we just gotta really look and appreciate how amazing God is. This is one of those moments, man," he says in the video.

The actor pans the video to show the scenery and snowcapped mountains behind him as he says, "look at how amazing God is" and tells viewers to "take that in".

He continues to talk about the scenery in the video. "This is breathtaking," he says. "I am blown away by the view, the setting and more importantly the opportunity."

Check out the full video from Kevin Hart below! 

Later in the video, he shares a sentimental message of gratefulness with his fans and talks about how thankful he is for the opportunities he's been given. 

"This is breathaking," he repeats again later in the video as he points to the view behind him. "Sharing it with you guys. Sharing it with the world cause I want the world to see it". 

At the very end of the video, he can't resist commenting on Canada's cold weather one more time in a funny, short sentence. "P.S. – today is zero below," he says, before saying goodbye to the camera. 

It looks like The Rock also shares his feelings about the cold in Canada. He commented on Kevin Hart's video and shared that he wasn't exactly a fan of the weather either but was grateful for their time in Canada. 

We're glad to see that it looks like Kevin Hart and The Rock have enjoyed their time in Canada, though it may have been a bit too cold for their liking.

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