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Local Businesses Support Canadian Man's Family That Died In Ethiopian Plane Crash

The city of Calgary has began to rallying behind a Canadian man that lost his life during the Ethiopian plane crash.
Local Businesses Support Canadian Man's Family That Died In Ethiopian Plane Crash

On Sunday, March 10, 18 Canadians were among the 157 people killed on board an Ethiopian Airlines plane when it crashed. According to the released names, a local Calgary man was among the 18 Canadians that lost their lives. Since his death, the city of Calgary has rallied together to raise money in support of their fellow Canadian who died during the Ethiopian plane crash. 

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Derick Lwugi from Calgary passed away on Sunday during the plane crash. He's left behind a wife and three children who are now mourning his loss. In order to make things easier on the family, a group on Facebook called Mahogany Angels has begun collecting monetary donations, gift cards, and goods and services that will be donated to the family. 

According to Global News, Lwugi worked as an accountant for the City of Calgary. During Monday’s council meeting, a moment of silence was held on Lwugi’s behalf. But this isn't where the community support ends. 

In order to further show support for Lwugi, Mahogany Angels has been actively collecting donations since Sunday. According to the Facebook post, a large number of people have already donated to the family. The donations are not only coming from individual community members as large corporations are also coming together for the cause.

Smith’s Gardening Service in Cranston has donated one year of lawn care and maintenance to help the family. Brewhouse has also made a sizable donation of a $150 gift card to cover meals. 

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A&W has even stepped forward to show support. According to the Facebook post, the A&W in Auburn Bay, Calgary will be fundraising on Lwugi’s behalf. For the entire day on March 13, $1 will be donated from any combo sold. There will also be a donation jar available for those wishing to help. 

Via Mahogany Angels |

While the total amount of money received by the group has not been disclosed, residents of Mahogany, where Lwugi lived, have been commenting about their donations of gift cards for gas, groceries, and clothing. 

Via Mahogany Angels |

Along with the donations, a ribbon campaign will be held. The colours chosen to remember Lwugi will be black, green and red. 

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Anyone wishing to donate can do so by visiting the Mahogany Angels Facebook post. 

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