A dream is a wish your heart makes... Everyone loves the Disney Classic "Cinderella." Well, a modern Cinderella is coming to town and it's based off the streets of Calgary and we're so excited! Alberta Theatre Projects and Arts Commons are putting on the show: Slipper: A Distinctly Calgarian Cinderella, directed by Rebecca Northan. It's like every little Calgarian girl's dream come true.

This insanely cool play follows Cindy, a typical guitar-playing, Calgarian teen girl, who meets a super-cute time-travelling prince, who encourages her to take part in the Stampede talent show. (I swear, they weren't kidding when they said 'Distinctly Calgarian') But of course, Cindy's awful step-mom won't let her compete. What's a play with no conflict, right?

Will she compete? We'll have to see the play to find out! The show plays from November 25th through December 31st at the Martha Cohen Theatre. Tickets range between $25 - $72.

Get your tickets here!

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