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200 New Tech Jobs Will Be Coming To Calgary In The Next 4 Years

A massive B.C. company is coming with big pockets.

It’s time to get your resumes ready, Calgary. Thanks to a new investment by the city, there will be a ton of new Calgary tech jobs and the company will be hiring for 200 full-time positions. The B.C. based tech group looks seriously amazing and it is massive. As always, we have all the details you need to know. 

The job sector in Calgary is growing. So much so that recently, LinkedIn named a Calgary startup as one of the top places to work. 

It’s about to grow even more as the City of Calgary has just announced that they are getting welcoming a big tech group to the city. Finger Food Advanced Technology Group has selected our beautiful city as the location for its first-ever advanced technology centre. 

Through the help of a $3.5 million investment provided by the City of Calgary, the B.C. based tech company will be planting new roots in our city. 

This new centre is going to be insanely massive and will be hiring 200 full-time positions. These positions will be for highly skilled, motivated, and determined software developers and management professionals. 

The jobs will need to be filled by 2023, so don’t quit your current job quite yet. 

According to a press released by the City of Calgary, the advanced technology centre will be a “facility for global innovation.”

Founded in Port Coquitlam, B.C., the company was able to leverage $3.5 million in support from the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund (OCIF). 

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Barry Munro, Chair of the OCIF Board of Directors, stated three key factors in supporting the investment. 

“The company demonstrated strong desire to create highly skilled technology jobs in Calgary in order to support its global client base," said Munro

"Its focus on applying its proprietary suite of technologies and processes to solve global issues in areas such as food, health, energy, and transportation; and the positive impact that the creation of the advanced technology centre is expected to have on the Calgary innovation and technology ecosystem."

According to Finger Food, the company has already had a presence in Calgary through clients such as Suncor Energy and Enbridge.

Finger Food has stated that Calgary was an easy decision for many reasoning including a high employment rate, affordable commercial space, affordable housing for staff, and the generally low cost of living. 

Affordable living and a proper work-life balance are important to Finger Food. Choosing Calgary makes sense seeing as the average person has to work an insane amount of hours to make it in places like Vancouver. 

Not to mention, Calgary is environmentally friendly when it can be. 

On the Finger Food website, there are already some Calgary positions available. Altogether, there are 17 positions that need to be filled in design, development, project management, quality assurance, and people and culture. 

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