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Colourful "Mermaid" Pancakes Exist In Calgary And They Look Magical

You had me at pancakes.🥞
Pancakes In Calgary Where To Get Incredible Mermaid Hotcakes

This breakfast isn't like anything you've seen before. If brunch is your favourite meal of the day, then we found the next thing you need to devour. You can now get incredible rainbow-hued mermaid pancakes in Calgary.

We all can agree; everything is better with hotcakes. It seems impossible to improve a towering stack of flapjacks covered in maple syrup, but it has been done!

On Sunday, March 1, Brekkie Cafe in Calgary launched a brand new pancake dish that is unlike anything your parents used to make.

The cafe told Narcity in an email that for their new menu they "really wanted to play around with some interesting flavours and textures." One of the most eye-catching newly launched dishes is the bubble tea pancake that has some serious mermaid vibes.

The colourful meal had gorgeous teal, purple, pink accents you would find on a mermaid tail.

These innovative hotcakes are loaded with a long list of items you would never expect. If you love bubble tea, you'll enjoy popping the fruit bobas.

But there is also wafer confetti, white chocolate, Earl grey custard, fresh fruit, and a mountain of whip cream. 

If that doesn't sound insane enough, it also has astronaut ice cream on it too.

For an extra burst of colour, it comes covered in a flavour-packed ube jam that adds savoury notes. Plus, the natural bright hue of the ube makes it a super eye-catching breakfast.

Chef Paul Sterbenc perfectly balanced the flavours so it isn't too sweet. By adding bitter notes from the tea custard, it helps to ensure you don't experience a sugar overload.

The restaurant also confirmed that we could look forward to their spring/summer menu starting next month on April 20, 2020.

For the ultimate pancake crawl in Calgary, you can try jiggly Japanese cakes at INCHA Tea House, too.

Bubble Tea Pancakes

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Breakfast

Address: 20 Westpark Link S.W., Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Go: To start the day with some delicious bubble tea pancakes.

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