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Breydon Is The Youngest 'Big Brother Canada' Houseguest & He's A Student From Calgary

He says he's "too spicy" for Calgary.

The Big Brother Canada house is filled with some memorable characters this season and the youngest is serving some serious personality. 

Breydon White is 23, making him the youngest houseguest left in the game. In his bio video, he explains that he's "too spicy" for the people from his hometown, Calgary. 

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Calgary Uber Driver Goes Viral On TikTok For Being The Most Wholesome Person Ever

Trust us, you need this. 🥺🥰😭

Going viral is something you can never really expect. In fact, a Calgary Uber driver has totally popped off on TikTok and he was totally shocked when he started to gain notoriety. 

The Calgary-based Uber driver, Binyam Asress, uses his massive platform to create some incredibly wholesome TikToks about driving for Uber and he’s slowly taking over the internet. 

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Meet 'Calgarian Greta:' The 14-Year Old Climate Activist Who's Suing The Government

"I want me and my generation to have a safe and peaceful future."

A teenager from Calgary is begging for change.  Sadie Vipond is one of 15 young climate change activists in Canada who are suing the federal government for their alleged role in contributing to climate change. Vipond is the only one of the group from Alberta and she has a clear message for those listening. 

Sadie's dad, Joe Vipond, sent Narcity a copy of the lawsuit document. Among many points, the claim alleges that "children and youth are uniquely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change." 

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Calgary Has A Super Haunted Spot Called 'The Devil's Playground' & The Story Is Terrifying

Don't read this before bed. 😫

The spookiest season is upon us and that means its time to fill our brains with ghost stories. There are some haunted locations in Calgary and one of the most bone-chilling tales is that of the Devils Playground. Whether or not you believe in the supernatural or urban legends, this story will leave you questioning everything. 

Did you know that Calgary is filled with unexplained tales? 

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8 Classic Calgary Dudes You Will Find On Every Damn Dating App

Just kidding, but seriously. 👀

It's no longer taboo to meet someone on a dating app. Seriously, if you met on Tinder, you don't need to tell people you "met through friends" anymore. We see you. If you've ever been on the market and dating in Calgary, we're willing to bet that you've encountered a few prototypes of that dude. While everyone's unique and special like a snowflake (no offence intended, millennials), we're willing to bet that you've come across these characters.

We all know them, we've all bumped into them at the bar, and we've all seen them during our last swiping session.

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A Canmore Man Made A Book Of The Best Places To 'Poo With A View' In The Rockies

"Hot and steamy off the press!"  😍💩

If you’ve ever ventured into the backcountry, you know that all poo-related privacy goes out the window the second you get on the trail. Treading into the woods with your toilet paper in hand or rejoicing at the sight of an outhouse is just something you get used to. After years of backcountry bathroom breaks, a local Canmore man decided to pay tribute to some of the most stunning "shitters" he's come across in the Rockies. From this, his book Poo With A View was born. 

In an interview with Narcity, Gavin Tobias Boutet, 42, told us why he decided to document the stunning "high alpine shitters of the Canadian Rockies," as he puts it. 

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