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Calgary Says Drivers Should Beware Of 'Unpredictable' Pedestrians In The Street

Apparently social distancing gives pedestrians the right of way.

Calgary drivers have been given one unusual driving notice. On Sunday, April 5, The City Of Calgary took to social media to alert city drivers of "unpredictable" pedestrians. They said that pedestrians may have to approach sidewalks and roads in irregular angles in order to maintain social distancing in Calgary

We all know that social distancing is the new normal, for the next little while anyway. But locals are worried that this post could seem like the city is giving pedestrians permission to take to the streets in any way that keeps that promotes distance from other pedestrians. 

The City of Calgary's Facebook post reads, "Drive Cautiously. People may need to access the road in an unpredictable manner to maintain 2 metres of physical distance." 

Our roads have been relatively empty over the last few weeks as a result of locals sticking to the social distancing guidelines. So you'd think that drivers wouldn't have to worry about traffic, pedestrians, or any obstacles on the way. 

But this notice makes it clear that drivers shouldn't let their guards down anytime soon. Because as long as people are being super strict about physical distancing, then they will need to approach the streets in random, irregular angles. 

The post has incited some mixed reactions in the comments section. 

One user said, "pedestrian versus a vehicle is never going to end well for the pedestrian. do not step into the road unexpectedly, if you need to avoid people stop look listen and then make a decision. and remember as a pedestrian the decision to step into the road unannounced can have life long consequences." 

Another user got a bit sarcastic in describing their feelings, saying, "Yes, let's encourage people to walk in traffic because it's not deadly at all to do that! Sometimes common sense isn't that common."

Someone else sided with the city, saying, "Oddly we do need more driver awareness of this!" 

Narcity has reached out to the City of Calgary for comment and we will update this story when we receive a response. 

Calgary has already carried out some pilot projects at offering pedestrians more ease at social distancing. 

The project involved shutting down select roadways and vehicle lanes to allow pedestrians and cyclists to maintain distance between each other, as reported by the Calgary Herald

So this seems like the latest move to offer Calgarians more space as they maneuver a distance of 2 meters from other individuals at all times.

Whether you're going out for groceries or you're getting some physical exercise, you need to do everything you can to maintain that distance. Even if you inconvenience traffic while you're at it.