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Spa In Harmony, Alberta Will Be A Surreal Nordic Spa Near The Rockies

We're obsessed with Nordic spas not only because they're the ultimate relaxing day drip, but because also visiting one is like a travel experience right in your own country. Groupe Nordik is going to build a brand new spa in Harmony, Alberta just outside of Calgary. If it's anything like their other spas in Canada, this massive new spot will be totally bucket list-worthy.

Right now, the spa is just in the planning stages and is expected to open in 2022. Construction could begin by the end of 2020.

This is guaranteed to be unique because we know that it will actually be part of a lake in Harmony, a representative said in an email to Narcity.

Plus, the spa will span 10 acres inside the residential community of Harmony, near the base of the rocky mountains and not too far from Banff National Park. 

About 400 jobs, both full-time and part-time, are expected to come to the area, too, according to their press release.

The company already has stunning spas in Canada. Their spa in Chelsea, Quebec is absolutely massive.

They also have one in Winnipeg, Manitoba with adorable barrel saunas. Plus, their one in Whitby, Ontario will open soon.

Since the spa has yet to be built, we don't know exactly what it could look like yet but we included photos of their other spas in Canada.

“This spa experience is going to be unlike anything else we’ve done before and unlike anything else in North America,” said Martin Paquette, the Owner & CEO of Groupe Nordik in a press release. 

"This spa will be the synthesis of everything we’ve learned so far as well as the jumping off point for something new and truly magical.”

[rebelmouse-image 25970895 photo_credit="CNW Group and Qualico Communities | Press Release" expand=1 original_size="2700x1793"]

Harmony is not far from Calgary so it'll be easy to head there when you need a break from the city. A lakefront spa in a quiet spot between the city and the mountains sounds pretty good.

Alberta already has an incredible nordic spa at Kananaskis, but this one will be the latest addition to the province.

*Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only.

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