Albertans are no strangers to wild animals, but we're not as familiar with raccoons as other parts of Canada might be. On Sunday, April 26, a raccoon was spotted clinging to a wall in downtown Calgary. This Calgary raccoon looked so spooked that peace officers had to be called to come and rescue it. 

The photos and video of this adorable raccoon emerged on Facebook and immediately garnered a response from locals. 

It's not very common to see raccoons around Alberta, especially not in Calgary. So, the video is unusual, adorable, and maybe even a little bit concerning. 

The post was made on Facebook by Emily Howe, who said she saw this "little guy...scared, exhausted and clinging to a wall."

She added that some "genius" was trying to poke the raccoon with a stick, despite being told not to by herself and some other passers-by. Eventually, the Calgary Transit peace officers came around and rescued the little creature who was hanging on the wall. 

Narcity spoke to Emily Howe, who gave us the scoop on what happened. 

Howe spotted the raccoon around 8 Street and 7 Avenue, right in "front of the CLG building" just before 1 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. 

As you can see in the video and the photos, the raccoon is seen clinging to an edge of a wall looking a little distressed. 

Apparently, some guy was trying to poke the raccoon with a stick while a bunch of younger guys standing on the platform across the street were yelling at the man to stop. 

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Howe mentioned in the comments of her post that "the police, animal control and Fire were hesitant to come because I think they would have to put it down and they didn’t want to." 

Regardless, the transit officers made their way down and carried out an adorable rescue operation.

In the video, an officer can be seen placing a red post on the wall, making a ramp for the raccoon to walk down. 

After the raccoon climbed down, the peace officer said that he was going to "stay and make sure no one messed with it." 

After that, Howe left to give the critter some space. "He probably had enough of humans," she said. 

Howe shared that in her 36 years of living in the city, she's never once seen a raccoon in Calgary. "Maybe with less humans about?" she offered as a possible reason behind his sighting. 

It's no doubt that Calgary is looking like a bit of ghost town nowadays.

We've already seen a number of animals taking to the streets since humans have been spending more time indoors.